Dubai Day 2!

Hello again from sunny Dubai! We had such a wonderful and action-packed day, it has certainly been one to remember fondly! We started the day off searching for a cash machine, this was to pay for a trip we were going on later on in the afternoon. This was nice because we got to see a lot which we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise! We … Continue reading Dubai Day 2!

3 Ways To Make Your Travels Everlasting!

Although we haven’t been travelling yet we have done some research online and there are so many opportunities to travel for really long periods of time! I will let you know 3 ways in which you could make travelling literally your life, sounds exciting right?! It’s even got me thinking LOL! The big one! Money! How on earth can you travel consistently surely you would … Continue reading 3 Ways To Make Your Travels Everlasting!

What type of traveller are you?

Looking into more travelling blogs I have come to realise there are many different kinds of travellers out there. All looking for something to guide them in their pursuit of happiness. Are you an urban, food, relaxation, family, nature or individualist traveller?  Urban Traveller- You love everything about the city life! Enjoy roaming the streets, exploring, observing locals and tourists and just taking in the city step … Continue reading What type of traveller are you?