Botanic Gardens, Sydney


We have been really looking forward to coming here for so long! We absolutely loved our time in Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Bali and Manila! But finally we can unpack and not live out of our backpack for 6 months!

We are staying in Sydney now for 6 months before carrying on with the rest of our travels! How exciting right?! We feel it is the perfect way to earn back some of the money we have spent so far haha! Plus, we will more than likely need more money when we travel to the USA.

We are trying to make our way through the sights of Sydney whilst the job searching is underway! (To work in Australia you should apply for a working holiday visa, which lasts 12 months, if you work on a farm for 88 days you can gain a 2nd year working holiday visa!).

Today we decided to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens! We weren’t dissapointed, it was beyond beautiful! We had such a splendid day! You know one of those days where you are wondering how on earth did it get to this time already!

We got to the gardens which is only a 10 minute walk from our hostel and we were just instantly hit by all of this greenery and beauty. There is such a vast contrast to the gardens it’s quite crazy! It’s like they’ve taken plants and trees from all over the world and put them all together, some how it works!

The gardens are massive by the way, it was like a maze! Paths everywhere! I loved the atmosphere in the gardens, it was full of a variety of people. All who are just getting along with there life, they don’t stare or comment. They are all just enjoying there life! People where running round the gardens getting there daily exercise in, other people where playing Pokemon, other people just sat on the benches and other people where just walking around! It is such a nice place to visit!

Entering the gardens they had a sign up saying ‘you could come accross these at any point – birds, reptiles, insects, spiders, fish and eels’. We saw a few stunning birds and we even saw a parrot!!! Have a look! We did not expect to see one!

You don’t expect to see such beauty in a busy city centre, it makes you takes you step back! Also to make the walk even better you get such a beautiful view from every angle you turn!

I would definitely recommend to visit here!

Until next time X

5 thoughts on “Botanic Gardens, Sydney

  1. Always great to read about other people’s experiences in my favorite city. I promise you will have a great time in Sydney! So many things to do. If you need any inspirations for things to do check out my blog. I’ve published several posts on this topic xx

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  2. Sydney is amazing! I went 10 years ago next month! I was there for such a short amount of time though, so it’s fab that you can explore further. I thought the water taxi around the harbour was a great way to see the area for those short of time. Enjoy!

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      1. It was about $15 dollars 10 years ago – but they failed to stop where we wanted to go so we had a bit of freebie around the rest of the harbour. We wanted to go to The Rocks as my Dad had been there when he visited Australia when he was in the Merchant Navy, it was an homage to him.


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