Tegenungen Waterfall, Bali

Tegenungen Waterfall Bali 


Hello guys!

So we had an epic day in Ubud and decided to tell you about it altogether we are spending 6 nights in Ubud so we will bless blogging world with more ubud related blogs in the future! 🙂 We went to Tegenungen Waterfall, it’s not to hard to get too but you will most likely either have to hire a motorbike or get a taxi! As you could imagine from our previous experience we elected for getting a taxi lol! We downloaded the blue bird taxi app which is basically uber but in Bali, it’s really been a godsend so make sure if you come to download the app! Our driver came and collected us, it was all going so easy for us! It didn’t cost us alot at all to get there, our driver also waited for us until we came back which was nice of him to offer!

Once we got there we just followed everyone else till we found a ticket office, it costs 15,000 rp to get into the waterfall attraction which is so cheap! We got our tickets and within about 20 steps you get your first glimpse of this natural wonder!

We had to walk down a lot of steps to get to the waterfall itself, which of course means you have to walk back up them! I saw a sign saying 165 steps good luck! You do need it lol, for the way back up anyways! But once your down that’s when you can really take it all in!


There were some really good places to take those obligatory pictures everyone needs to take when visiting a waterfall! Ryan took full advantage of that!

You could get a closer look at the waterfall, but you had to cross a bamboo bridge over the river to the other side! It was quite and experience crossing an unstable bridge to say the least, would be just our luck for it to give way on us! Thankfull it didn’t!


They had signs you could hold free of charge, they had random messages on some of them did crack us up though! It’s a really quirky idea actually adds to the experience I suppose!


All in, all I think it’s fair to say our next picture sums up how we feel about waterfalls and visiting them!

We love them!

After the waterfall we built up an appetite and headed back into ubud! We checked out the markets, did a bit of bartering got ourselves and family some magnets! We’re getting quite the collection by the way! We also came across Ubud water palace, it’s free of charge to enter and go and explore. It gets you off of the busy streets for a little too and into some peace and tranquility! If you want to check it out it’s next to starbucks, everyone can find that am I right? 🙂

Until next time!

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