Seminyak, Bali

Hello everyone!

We arrived in bali after a lovely day spent in singapore and we were certainly ready for the relaxation of Seminyak and a beach! We had 4 days in Seminyak before we headed to Ubud and the business that entails, so we thought we would do nothing but sit there on a beach and enjoy peacefullness! We had two hotels booked both for 2 nights and at different ends of seminyak so we could really explore the surrounding areas!

We got to our first hotel which was called Mano Villa Seminyak, this was really lovely and a change to what we were used to. We had our own bungalow overlooking a little garden and a little bit up the road was a lovely pool and bar area. The hotel was clean and staff very friendly, the location was even better it is literally right on the doorstep of all the beach clubs which we took advantage of!

We went to potato head beach club which is where everyone wants to go if your in Seminyak. If you come to it from the main road like we did it has a long road full off different kinds of plants which is really something to take in! On your way in as well you see how they’ve helped the beach in which they’re situated on. They’ve cleaned up plastic bottles and flitflops left by tourists and made sculptures out of them!

It has an infinity pool overlooking the beach, it’s in a prime location to watch the sunset, offers day beds for not a massive fee and serves food and alcohol all day! We went here for a few hours but naturally as it is such a sort after location it was a little bit expensive especially for our travellers budget!

After realising potato head beach was burning a hole in our pocket we decided to walk along the beach until we saw another beach club to watch the sunset! And yes we did! On our way we came across a swing with a back drop of the sea and of course Becky couldn’t resist! This one was called salts beach club I believe and was literally a 2 minute walk from potato head. It is however, a hotel but everyone is welcome! They offer bean bags literally right next to the beach and in prime location to not only tan but to watch the famous Bali sunset! We did find a little expensive still but much cheaper than potato head so it was a win, win!

After that we headed back to the room to get showered, changed and head back out for some food! Whilst staying in mano we went to the same place twice for food it really was lovely, if its not broke why fix it ay?


The next hotel we went too was the Agung residence, this was closer to double six beach and there is a lot more going on for you to do around this part of Seminyak without spending too much money! We got here by using the balinesse taxi company Blue Bird they’re really good and quite cheap, they’re very much like uber! The hotel was very tranquil and peaceful, it had a very relaxing vibe.

We just spent our time on the beach here working on our tans lol! The beach here was much busier than mano and there were a lot more traders asking you to buy anklets, bracelets, massages the full works really! To get to the beach it was about a 20 minute walk, which we didn’t mind as Becky’s ankle is a lot better now and she can manage walking without being in as much discomfort! (She’s a solider!) We got to take in the scenery on the way there though, it’s just nice seeing how other people live their lives really!

The walk was worth it though when you got to the beach, literally there’s just something human beings associate with a beach that just chills us all out!

Until next time!

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