Singapore, 16/09/2018

We arrived into Singapore at about 12pm, we had our transfer waiting for us when we arrived. We booked it through which has been a very good reliable website so far! We have used it in Vietnam, Thailand and now Singapore.

We got to our hotel and we couldn’t check in till 3pm. So we left our big bags and connected to the WiFi and had a look at how we make it to the centre ourselves! As we only had 1 full day here we had to make the most of it! Luckily enough, we stayed close to an MRT station. It was about a 10 minute walk. (On a bad ankle about 20 mins haha).

Singapore was so green and not what we expected at all. It surprised us. Since going to Bangkok and Hanoi we expected it to be similar but it was fresh and airy. It was quite blissful!

We figured out the MRT quite quickly, where to get on and where to get off using our trusty app !!

We decided to go towards marina bay, which is where the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is, with what looks like a ship on the top. It was absolutely huge and looked incredible. If your rich enough you can actually go up to the top where they have an infinity pool looking over Singapore city. (We aren’t rich enough for that haha). We got a view from the bottom near the Marina Bay. Which was just as beautiful I imagine haha!

By this point, we had been stood around in an airport and then walking round the MRT so my ankle was ready for a rest! We saw a shopping mall close by. We headed in, and it was unbelievably posh! It had lots of designer shops in! We had read a sign that said food court so we headed that way of course! We ended up in a really nice restaurant, it primarily sold dessert and cakes but also did food. We were absolutely starving so we ordered a late lunch! Now I’m not gonna lie, this was an expensive restaurant but the food was not great at all!! [we were in the expensive restaurant because my ankle was causing me trouble and I needed to sit down, in the food court it was mega busy no where to sit :(].

We saw from a distance the Merlion a mythical creature with half a lions head and the body of a fish. It was nice to see this as it’s a symbolic nature to Singapore and Singaporeans.

Going back to the mall we were in, with it being so big and posh! It actually had what looked like a river running through it and you could get a boat from one side to the other!!

After we had eaten we went for a walk round the mall and we saw signs for the ‘Gardens by the bay’. We wanted to go here! So we headed up, not knowing it was a long walk! But anyway we got out the mall and could see the flower domes and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel! What a view!

Exploring Singapore was an amazing experience.

The next day we headed to the airport and we gave ourselves lots of time in advance because we had read lots of good reviews about the airport.

It didn’t let us down! It was absolutely massive, lots of shops and restaurants and free WiFi! Something we found out whilst we were in the airport, the airport offer a free tour guide if you are in the airport for longer than 5.5 hours. Which we thought would have been handy to know before we went. As you can see majority of the sightseeing attractions in one day! So if you have a stop over in Singapore or you don’t plan on being there long take that in mind! A free tour guide round the top sights of Singapore!!

Until next time X

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