We didn’t plan this…

Hello guys, 
When we planned our big adventure round the world we did certainly not anticipate this.

So we had moved on from Bangkok and made our way to Krabi! We got here in the late evening so we couldn’t really do much. We went for a stroll down to the sea front. We were taken back with all the Thai food stalls and shops. Everybody was so welcoming and friendly. We sat on the beach front just listeing to the waves and talking about how lucky we both feel that we are actually travelling the world – living our own dream!

Woke up the next day and we headed straight to the beach! It was lovely. Especially coming from such a busy city it felt lovely just sitting there! Later on in the evening we walked down like the strip and all the restaurant people where offering us to go into their restaurant! We didn’t want to sit in a posh restaurant and eat food that we are used to! We decided to go and sit with the locals and eat street food. My god it was delicious!! Very very spicy but really good! (it did burn my lips off at one point, but it was that nice I carried on eating it haha).

The next day we decided to rent a motorbike and we headed a different way to usual and we found a stunning beach! We parked the bike up and we just laid on the beach for a couple of hours. The sea water was warm, so it was like taking a bath! Later on we went out for food. We had spotted a Thai restaurant close to our hotel and figured why not give it a go. Again, the food was absolutely delicious! Thai food is just something else, I’m telling you!!

We still had until 11am the next day to use the motorbike, so we took it out and went to the supermarket and picked up some bits and bobs that you can’t get from a typical 7/11 or Family mart! After this, we headed to the petrol station as we needed to bring the bike back with the same level of fuel! We had no idea how much to put in so we put 50Baht in. Not realising it filled the tank all the way to the top!! So then we decided, well we have 3 hours left till we need to return the bike, why dont we go head towards that really nice beach! So off we went, and then this is what we didn’t anticipate.. 

We were near the beach and a guy on his motorbike came up next to us as we were driving and he reached over into the inside of the bikes basket and he pinched my mobile phone! As doing so, he startled me and scared me and then about 40 seconds later we had fallen!!

Luckily, we are both still here! It could have gone a lot worse! We have no broken bones or missing teeth. Just badly bruised and cut. The Thai locals were very nice and helped us  they moved the bike to one side, got us sat down and rang for an ambulance. As you could imagine we were in a lot of pain at this point, but don’t worry guys we are okay and breathing! Becky is still having a little trouble walking on her ankle but she is well on the mend!

Our hotel by the way whose bike it was that we almost wrecked couldn’t have been any nicer to us! They were bringing us food because we were bed bound, they spoke to police for us and translated for us when the police came to talk to us about it all! Couldn’t ask for a nicer service basically! If you’re ever going to Krabi stay at the Ri hotel! 🙂

Sorry for the silence from us recently as you could imagine we just wanted to put all our energy into healing up! Don’t worry though we haven’t let one little bump in the road spoil our massive adventure!

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile”

“Bad days build better days”

Until next time! X





10 thoughts on “We didn’t plan this…

  1. I loved reading this! My boyfriend and I recently returned from Thailand and I started blogging about our trip. I really like your journal style of writing, it’s quite similar to my own, so it’s really nice to read someone else’s!

    Great that you could still remain positive despite a bit of a hiccup during your trip!

    Carly 🙂

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