Bangkok, Thailand.

As we are a few days behind on our blogs I am going to write a blog covering all the time we spent in Bangkok! Hope you enjoy! 

This was our view into Bangkok, how beautiful! A beautiful busy city!

We arrived into Bangkok, we had booked an Air BnB. The advice on the informtaion part of the app it said “get bus number 555 from the airport it comes right outside my house”. So we landed got our luggage and off we went looking for the bus! Except we couldn’t find it! So we asked around but because we were in the domestic part of the airport not many people spoke English! We finally found someone and they directed us to the bus. We didn’t think anything of it. When we set off, we checked and we were heading in the same direction! But we didnt stop near our house! Instead we ended up going from the main airport in Bangkok to another airport within Bangkok! Hahaha only this would happen to us! So we got out, then we decided to get a taxi instead! Did I mention, it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, floods everywhere. We got out the taxi and still couldnt find were we were going! We were walking in puddles of water  up to our knees! We ran our host and we finally made it!

But what a start to our journey in Bangkok hey!

After all that we decided the best thing to do, is dry off and just stay in! So the next day, we looked on the maps to find things around our house and we found a mall and the subway. So off we went! 

A few pictures of our view along the way. It was quite quiet where we stayed. It wasn’t very touristy, which me and Ryan loved! It was full of street food and little shops! Beautiful!

Our homestay was right next to Chatchuak Markets but unfortunatley (we didn’t know) the markets were only open weekends! So we had missed the markets! But there is a picture up there of the roof of the markets haha! We saw a little bit!

The skytrain was about a 15 minute walk from our homestay, we used it two times as it is just so convieniant. We got the train to Siam both times, this is where most seems to happen! Theres a huge shopping mall, loads of places to eat and every side street you look down is just market stalls! Fair to say we had a good time whenever we went here!

Our last adventure day we decided to dedicate it to see loads of various sight-seeing locations around Bangkok. Luckily enough we stumbled across a tuk tuk driver who was willing to take us to loads of places for just 60 baht! Thats like £1 something insane right! Ill put pictures of the different places we saw below for your viewing lol.

The next day we just had a lazy day, wanting to save our money so decided to just do our laundry! Exciting right! We also went to a coffee shop near our homestay, got ourselves some ice frappe’s mine was obviously nicer because I’m just the best!

It was time to leave Bangkok after all of our exploring! I would say however, if your coming to Bangkok maybe only stay for 2 days the 4 days we stayed here for was just way too much! We ran out of things to do to be frank haha! Ill add a few extra pics that I didn’t fit into the blog!

Until next time!

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