Ho Chi Minh City (Day 3)

It was day three in Ho Chi see what I did there lol, got to keep yourself amused! Today we had arranged to go and visit the Cu Chi tunnels, this was where the residents of Cu Chi fought the American army.

The trip wasn’t till 1pm so we had a morning to kill, we decided to go for a walk and find a coffee shop where we could just chill out! We went on a wonder in Ho Chi, and came across some pretty funny things! Firstly, Ryan got talked into carrying coconuts around like a Vietnamese native it was so funny! The man even paid us with free coconuts for our troubles so it was a win, win!

After a bit of a trek, we saw a Starbucks and decided we had to drink! We got an iced coffee and no word of a lie it has nothing on the Vietnamese ones we have been getting for a fraction of the price! Don’t be us, don’t go to Starbucks lol! After this, we had just enough time to get back to the hotel before we got picked up for our trip!

The coach came, we then went to pick a shed load of people up and before you knew it our bus was full and we were on our way to Cu Chi Tunnels! Our tour guide called himself Jimmy he made our 1 and a half hour journey to the tunnels as entertaining as possible!

We arrived in Cu Chi, first thoughts were wow we’re in the middle of a jungle here! We saw some interesting insects during our tour as you could imagine! We did, however, learn that the jungle was man-made as it used to be just a no-mans land due to all the bombings that happened in the area we were in! You walk into like a living area with huts before you walk out into the jungle!

The first stop on our tour of the area was a small hole in the ground, they were used at the time for the Viet Cong to jump out and take the American troops by surprise. Really is crazy as the holes were so small makes you wonder how they even fit in! A few unfortunate souls got to give it a try don’t think it was for us though LOL!

We then got to see what the Vietnamese used as Air vents for the tunnels, we also learned that the tunnels stretched for as long as 250km. Some workforce and excellent brains must have been used to construct something so vast! The air vents looked like mounts of dirt so the US troops couldn’t really tell! The US also tried to flood the Vietnamesse out of the tunnels and gas them out but they made the tunnels so they were collapsable. This virtually made it impossible for them to be flooded or gassed out! Once they collapsed a part of the tunnel they would just dig around the old area, so simple yet so smart!

This was an air vent disguised as just a mound of dirt

After this, we were shown some of the traps the Vietnamese would lay in the jungle for the unsuspecting US soldiers. Couldn’t imagine what it was like to fight in this war it must have been horrific! These were just some of the several traps shown to us! They ended with sharpened bamboo spikes at the bottom!

It is important we all learn about our history though, it was humans just like you and me that fought in this war! I love history I always have it just captivates me and I get really into it!

On the back end of the tour, we got to see some bomb craters, which were absolutely huge by the way! Then we got to go into the tunnels ourselves, these tunnels have been modified to fit slightly larger people in so we give it a good go! We still had to crouch to walk in them though!

After this it was time to head back to the hotel, we got back quite late and decided a McDonalds was in order something cheap, fast and full of calories!

Until next time!

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