Ho Chi Minh City – Day 2

A fun-filled day packed with lots of learning and exploring!

Today we woke up bright and early as we were ready for our free breakfast! We were excited because when we checked in the day before we saw people eating egg and toast and beef noodles and fruit! So we were looking forward to it! Anyway, Ryan and I both ordered egg and toast! It came out 2 eggs and 2 slices of bread and a banana!! We were also able to help ourselves to Vietnamese coffee, tea or orange juice! So we helped ourselves to about 4 cups of coffee haha! Cannot get anything better than Vietnamese Coffee! I mean it is just impeccable! 

We nipped back upstairs had a quick shower put some cream on and off we went. We looked at our maps.me and figured out where all the tourist places are and we mapped out a route which would take us past all of them. 


We walked for about 25 minutes and we found ourselves at the war museum. The tickets to get inside were 40,000 VND each. When we entered we were greeted by an older man who had one eye and only stumps for his arms. He introduced himself and we had a great chat! He was involved in the war he told us and that’s how he ended up with his eye and his arms. He was a lovely man, it was inspiring to see somebody who has clearly gone through so much yet he is strong enough to get through every day. Inspiring. 

After speaking to the lovely gentleman, our first viewing was the US Army vehicles which were used in the Vietnam War.

We headed inside to read about the history of the war. We already had an understanding about the Vietnam war but not in this much depth. So the museum had 3 floors and on every wall, there were about 10 information plaques with pictures. We read every single one of them. We got attached into the story and at some points, we got quite emotional and upset. 


Of course, we know the war isn’t nice, but when you see pictures and read stories about the families who had lost the ones they love. It hits you even harder. It makes me think ‘how strong are the Vietnamese individuals?’ they have had to deal with so much over the decades. Yet it seems they don’t really hold a grudge. They all get on with their lives. We even saw images of young people who were affected by Agent Orange which the US used on Vietnam. Even those people are smiling in the pictures. They are just incredible! 


So, after quite an emotional tour of the museum. We then headed towards what’s known as ‘Turtle Island’ it is a pond in the middle of the roundabout on a very busy road. Yet it was so peaceful and calm. 


By this point we were boiling, literally, sweat dripping from parts of our bodies we didn’t even know would sweat haha! We headed towards the Notre Dame. On the way there we stopped off at a little cafe for a Frappe! To cool us down haha! We got to the Notre Dame and unfortunately, it was under construction. So we couldn’t go inside but we managed to get some amazing pictures. It is near enough the spitting image of the Notre Dame in France. 



After the Notre Dame, we decided to head down towards the river which is a fair distance away from where we were! But we did it! We walked down towards the river. 


We made it to the River, now it wasn’t the cleanest river. But we think it is because we saw lots of containers and other industrial things being carried along the river. 


We now had a long walk back to our Hotel! We walked along a different route to take in something new. Yet again, we found a lovely little coffee shop and you can imagine what we ordered! A Vietnamese iced coffee! I think we were slightly obsessed haha!! If you are going to Vietnam please honestly try the coffee, it is sweet but it is delicious! We walked along the backpacker area again and had a look at some places where we would want to eat and have a drink later! We go back to the hotel and put our feet up, had a shower and then we were off out again!! Busy Busy Busy! 


We got changed and headed to a restaurant/pub called ‘The Donkey’. We had a bite to eat and had some beers. It was happy hour so why not haha! Because we were in the backpacker area it was full of places making offers to save! It was fab! The atmosphere was incredible! After a few drinks, we headed back to the hotel! 

Until next time X




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