Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Hello everyone!

We haven’t written a post in a little while please forgive us but we have been busy doing trips, travelling or getting lost lol! We left off with us arriving in Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, you can call any you like really!

We flew from Da Nang at 6am and it was an hour and a half flight so we landed in Ho Chi Minh City at 7:30am. Luckily the hotel we were staying at offered airport shuttle so we got our bags and waited outside for our taxi!

Boarding the plane in Da Nang

En route to the hotel, we saw even more motorbikes on the road than ever before! We thought Hanoi was busy which is the capital city by the way, but wow Ho Chi is really something else! [Later on, as the days passed we were on a trip and the tour guide actually  said ‘there are 3 names for this city, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon and crazy motorbike. This made us laugh because it literally was!]

We got to our hotel around 8:30am and we were told check in isn’t till 2pm! Which we expected anyway but thankfully our hotel was located in whats called the ‘backpacker area’ so literally about a 1-minute walk from our hotel there is a massive strip of pubs/bars/restaurants. Although we were very tired from getting up at 2:30am this morning! So as you can imagine a 6-hour wait is very long! So we decided to walk down the backpacker area and see what there was. We found one little place, it looked nice and bright so we decided to sit outside and enjoy the view and just take it all in! We ordered 2  iced coffees and a pancake! Because it was 9am we thought its too early to get a sandwich or a burger ‘said Ryan’. But I think you can have a tuna sandwich whenever you please haha!

The restaurant had wifi and we have been playing Pokemon everywhere so we decided why not see whats around us here! We got on and we hit the jackpot. We were placed between 2 pokee stops so we put some lures on and caught quite a few pokemon! Ones we cannot get in the UK. Well, you can imagine this killed quite a bit of time! I think we were sat there for an hour and a half! But then that was still only 10am! We had 4 hours left!! We strolled around and we came across a market underground so we decided to give that a go. I’m glad we did as they had a lot of bargains there! Plus they had aircon inside haha!! After this, we had a walk around a little park nearby and then we decided we need to go back to the hotel before we end up spending more and more money! The hotel had tables and chairs to sit at and we just said we will wait here, its too hot outside haha! This was about 12:30pm and not shortly after she said you can check in early your room is ready!! We were soooo happy!

We got to the room and jumped onto the bed and to our joy, we sunk into the mattress this is the first time in a little while this was possible lol! We decided to crash for a couple of hours before heading back out, it turned out we slept for maybe about 4 hours haha! When we woke from our almighty slumber haha, we were starving! We saw a burger king previously and decided that was the cheapest and closest place to get something to eat!

After this, we just headed back to the room to chill out some more, this time we stayed awake and watched some Netflix lol! We were preparing ourselves for a busy day of sight-seeing and tourism the next day!


Until next time!

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