Da Nang, Vietnam

We made it guys! What a long journey on a sleeper bus! We were both drifting in and out all night really doing our best to try and get comfortable and sleep! It was a struggle but hey ho we’re here to tell the tale so it’s not the end of the world ay! 8am came around and the bus actually dropped us off Hue, not far from Da Nang maybe another couple of hours. We had to wait to get another bus from here, I think it was running late as we were nearly waiting for a whole hour! It is what it is I suppose though! We weren’t thinking this at the time however, we were very sleep deprived lol!


The bus did eventually come for us and it was next stop Da Nang! It was time to get excited we were in touching distance of a beach and relaxation! As we were approaching Da Nang we could see the sea from the window and I just remember seeing Becky turn around with a face full of joy! I think she was over excited for the beach haha!

We got to Da Nang, I got off the bus after Becky and I just remember her stood there waiting for me with the taxi man by her side! I just don’t know how she gets so much done in such little time haha! Time to head to the hotel! The hotel was located among the locals, so speaking English was very limited. The hotel was lovely, the ladies at reception accommodated us really well even with the language barrier. Our room was great, it had aircon and a nice powerful shower! Basic but we liked it! We a quick shower and didn’t really bother unpacking we got our swimwear on and went straight to the beach for a chill-out! We were pretty hungry and just got a plate of chips from a little cafe on the beach front!


Walking onto the beach felt like we were walking on the clouds, the sand was unbelievably soft! The beach was quiet, it had a few groups of people but not many. It got us thinking, is it quiet season in Vietnam or is this how it is all the time! Anyway, we parked ourselves down, put our towels down and jumped into the sea! It was very warm and you could walk right out! The sand was that high, we were quite far in the sea and the buildings looked smaller and we were still stood up! We had a good 30 minutes chilling out and catching the rays!

On our walk back to the hotel, we used maps.me [which by the way is such an amazing app, it’s honestly been our saviour throughout our trip. If you are going away 100% download this app! Can use it without 3G.] We used the map to make sure we were going the right way haha!

We got back to the hotel, had a shower got dressed and went out for tea! For 2 meals, 2 drinks and a starter it was only £9 or 275,000 VND. Which is insane!!!

We were very tired, so after our meal, we went back to the hotel had a beer and went to bed! Needed to catch up on our sleep haha!

Until next time X

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