Da Nang, Vietnam – Day 2

Time to chill!

We are only in Da Nang for 2 days, so we figured why not use these 2 days to have a more relaxing chilled visit. In Hanoi and Halong we were constantly doing something and paying for trips. So because we were paying for visits we hardly ate! We figured why not spend money on food here! So that’s what we did haha! We still did sightseeing but we just ate, ate and ate haha! It felt great!

At our hotel, we didn’t realise but we actually had breakfast included which was Vietnamese food but it didn’t stop us! We had egg rice with 2 eggs and soya sauce! It was delicious! It certainly filled us up! We went back to the room and got changed, we walked to the beach and this time instead of going into the sea and lying down haha! We decided to walk along the beach as far as we could till we got tired haha! On our way down we came across an American man named Chuck! He was lovely, we had a lovely chat about where we came from and where we have already visited. We gave him some tips and he gave us some. He told us about a mall not far from here and if you walk from the mall down the river you come across Dragon Bridge. So obviously after our walk along the beach, we went back to the hotel got some suitable shoes on and went for the walk!!

It was absolutely boiling! But we made it! The mall was great, on the very top floor it had an ice skating rink!! I mean in a mall! What the..!!

IMG_2251 2

We left the mall as we’re trying to not be big spenders lol, we headed to Da Nang’s most popular attraction the dragon bridge! It was about a 10-minute walk from the mall, it was nice to see but there wasn’t a load to do it’s just something you can say you’ve seen really! IMG_2252

After this, we went back to the hotel, we definitely worked up an appetite after all the walking we did! The hotel offered some food and we both went for the beef fried noodles! Honestly, don’t know if it was because we were so hungry but they were one of the nicest meals I’ve eaten in a long time!

IMG_2256 2

Even though we had to get up at 3am tomorrow we declined to have an early night and headed out for a sunset stroll on the beach! When we got there we were so shocked it was packed! It was so quiet during the day, it was getting dark at this point and there was barely room to walk on the beach! There was also a load of people in the sea! People must have finished work and gone to the beach is my only explanation lol, wish we were beach ready it seemed like a really nice atmosphere!

At this point, we started to think or maybe dread getting up at 3am and decided to go back to the hotel lol! We had a couple of beers of course and chilled out watching Netflix in bed! 🙂

Until next time!



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