Halong – Hanoi – Da Nang

What a busy day we had!!

We strolled around Halong Bay where something amazing happened [I will let Ryan explain that on another blog, but my gosh I was absolutely over the moon].

It was only 10.30 and my days it was scorching hot. IMG_2204

The dreaded hill, we hated walking back up this hill after we had been out! Walked back up towards our hotel shortly later because it was that hot! We found a little family ran shop and it was so cheap we couldn’t help but buy and buy! In most restaurants and cafes they charge around 25,000 VND for a can of coca cola but in this little shop it was only 15,000 VND. Also in restaurants they charge around 10,000 and 20,000 for a bottle of water!! How crazy! Not this little shop though, it was only 5,000 for a bottle of water. Tip, don’t always buy from the super markets or the bars/shops look around for the little family ran shops. They might not look like much of a shop from the outside but it is whats inside that counts!

Anyway, we got back to our hotel and we had about half an hour to wait for the bus to go to Hanoi. We sat in the reception part of our homestay and we had our cans of coke and our host came over with some fruit, fruit which I have seen people eat just never tried it. It was Dragon fruit! Wow it tasted lovely! He gave us two haha! We finished them and then he brought us both a Banana too! So we were fueled and ready for our 4 hour drive to Hanoi.


The bus arrived, this bus ride was a picnic compared to the mammoth one we had in front of us! We got on the bus and met two lovely ladies from England, it’s nice to hold a full on conversation in english sometimes haha you take it for granted let me tell you!


Of course Ryan fell asleep!

We made a stop after two hours at some sort of service station, the place was like a magical temple! It was filled with Budhas made of various different stones, quartz, onyx you name it Budha was made out of it! Was nice to look at, bit to expensive on for us and a little bit heavy too lol! Also, Ryan was dying to find one of those traditional vietnamesse hats and low and behold of course this stop off had them!

Anyway, we had enough fun there! It was time to get back on the bus and finish off the drive to Hanoi! With only a couple of hours left till we got there, we were getting excited for Da Nang and the beach! Maybe not so much for the journey down!


Back on the bus!


We got back to the crazy busy city of Hanoi! When we came to Hoan Kiem lake a few days ago it was so quiet as the roads around it were shut for the weekend! But this time they weren’t it was busy all over the place! We also got given a location to catch our sleeper bus from which had to find! Before all this though we decided a decent meal was in order KFC it was LOL! We got two meals from KFC and when we put it through our currency converter app it turned out to be £5.31 cheap do right! Not thinking it would be but it was a 25 minute walk to our pick up location in Hanoi from where we already was!  25 minutes of walking in those busy streets with two bagpacks on is enough to wear anyone out! We still managed to stop for some photo ops though!

When we realised we were only round the corner from our sleeper bus and us still having time to spare we decided we couldn’t leave Hanoi without travelling the famous coffee! It is a cold coffee with condensed milk at the bottom. You mix it all up with a spoon and it tastes delicious! Quite sweet, but so refreshing!

We then set off to our sleeper bus! I think we were trying to delay the inevitable lol! We waited and soon it arrived it wasn’t all that bad! But if your quite tall like Ryan it is a bit of a squish for your legs! It was time to put our heads down for the journey ahead!


Until next time!

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