Halong, Vietnam Day 3

Hello there,

Today consisted of 4 hours travelling down from Hanoi to Halong Bay. We booked our transport through bookaway.com and they picked us up from our homestay and dropped us in Halong at our new homestay. Roughly it was £35 for two people. Not too shabby!!IMG_0119

On our way down from Hanoi to Halong, this is what we saw!

Ryan slept through the majority of the journey down as he does everywhere! He can literally sleep anywhere and everywhere!

We arrived at Halong Bay and the driver dropped us at our homestay Doan Trang. We got out our big rucksacks from the car and looked up and it was only a huge hill! We both dreaded walking up haha! We got inside and were welcomed by a Viennese man who greeted us. He found our room key and air con remote and sent us on our way. It was quite difficult to communicate because of the language barrier but we made it to our room. – Tip for other travellers, learn the language even if its just a little bit. Learn more than just ‘hello, thank you, bus, toilet’ you will definitely need it.


Our hotel is very basic, the beds feel like we are sleeping on the laminate flooring! But what can we expect as we only paid £19 for 2 nights!! So, we dumped our bags and off we went to explore! Although it is quite hilly where we are staying so we got half way down and decided why not rent a motorcycle! We have never ridden one of these in our lives before!! LOL! But we did it!!


There I am ready to head back to our homestay!

We got back to our homestay and had a look at leaflets about things to do in Halong Bay and our home offer a full day trip around Halong Bay visiting the caves and inhabited islands. So we decided to go for that!! Then we needed to go find a cash machine as the home doesn’t accept card! At first, we started to walk and then remembered we had the motorcycle. Off we went!

Looking for an ATM we stumbled across this little beauty! It was full of people, there was lots of food and drink on offer! We couldn’t help ourselves but to stop and have a drink with the locals!

Until next time X









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