Hanoi, Vietnam Day Two

We woke up today feeling not our usual selves. I think the tiredness and time difference had caught us up! We didn’t let that stop us though. We woke up ate our breakfast bar and off we went! Today we wanted to visit Hoan Kiem Lake which is located at the centre of Hanoi. We looked online at buses to the lake and luckily there was a bus that stopped virtually right outside our home. We asked our host if we could get the bus there just to be on the safe side and we could.


[Ryan forgot to tell you where we booked on Air BnB, it is called Tofu’s House. It was cheap and it is in a great location. Staff are really friendly and welcoming. Really cannot complain] 

The bus took about 15 minutes to get to the centre, from all the traffic and dodging motorcycles haha! We got off the bus in the centre and had to take a picture of where we got off so we knew where to come back later haha! Little tip there! We used the app maps.me and honestly, I don’t think we could have coped without it so far and we have only been away for 4 days! If you are going travelling I would definitely recommend the app. It finds near enough everything you are looking for.  When we were on the bus we saw the street which takes you straight to the lake. I’m not too sure why but all of the streets around the lake were closed today. Maybe because it was a Saturday. So walking down the street was very easy and the views were even better!


It was quite busy walking around the lake, but it was quieter than the busy streets we had just been on! To be honest I enjoyed the silence of motorcycles and cars tooting their horn haha!


How beautiful is that!

The tower in the top right picture is actually called Turtle tower, this is because the lake is known for having large Turtles living there. In fact, we went around and saw a Temple across a red bridge. So we decided to take a look.


To enter the Temple we had to pay 30.000 VND each. Inside the Temple, it was beautiful and it actually had the largest Turtle ever to be found in a cabinet inside the Temple as they consider it to be a symbol of the countries independence.


After we finished walking around the lake we decided to go and look for what is called the Old Quater of Hanoi. There was loads of markets and street food in the old quarter. It looked incredible. We wanted to stop for something to eat so we stopped at a little bar where they did food and drinks. It was a really nice atmosphere and they did beer which we loved haha! It was our first time trying Hanoian beer.


We got 2 sandwiches and 2 beers and the total cost was 203.000 VND which equates to roughly around £6.88. How cheap is that in Manchester where we are from sometimes you can pay around £5 for a pint of beer!! Anyway, we walked back around the lake to where we came in and headed towards Saint Josephs Cathedral. It looks identical to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris!


You can’t really get up close to the Cathedral as it is all blocked off. But just look at it. It has been stood there since 1886! 110 years before I was born! Wow its amazing.

After this, we headed back towards the bus stop. We found the bus stop we got off and we were stood there discussing whether it is the right one. We got our maps out and was talking and some very kind lady was pointing across the road but we didn’t really understand what she was saying so a kind gentleman told us to go there you need to go across the road to that bus stop. How lovely! We could have been stood there for a while before we noticed!

On our route back, we spotted a Mall right next to our home which we didn’t realise was there, so we had a walk over.


This was our views towards the mall and inside the Mall. I’m not sure why we always want to go to a Mall! We never buy anything LOL! We literally walk around and look at all the different shops! It’s becoming a tradition now! We decided to go to Circle K (supermarket) and buy some noodles to cook at home for our tea. We didn’t know what it said on the packet but when we ate the noodles I was actually crying from how spicy they were! Next time we will take a good note of the label haha!!

Tomorrow we are travelling down to Halong Bay!!

Until next time X

3 thoughts on “Hanoi, Vietnam Day Two

  1. That turtle used to be a thing of legends. Every 3rd Hanoian would tell a story of how they’d seen a “Giant Turtle” In hoan Kiem lake. The same turtle that met the prince and gave them advice and the magic sword.

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