We Made It To Hanoi!

After what felt like forever in an airport and then another 7-hour flight to Hanoi, we have made it safe and sound! It was time to go and get our luggage! Let me tell you the nerves I suffer from waiting for that luggage to come out are just something else haha! Becky’s bag, of course, came out first! It turned out we waited for my bag for around an hour, a big shout out to Becky for putting up with me for that long stressing out lol.

We had someone from the Airbnb we booked come and collect us he had a sign with my name on I felt very important! Then I got my first taste of what life is like on the road in Vietnam, let’s just say I’m glad I don’t drive over here! People are crazy LOL! They literally drive in some sort of organised chaos but it seems to work for them! We took a few pictures on the route to our hotel!


We were welcomed at the hotel like royalty we literally couldn’t ask for better service! The room we have is small and basic but its what we paid for so we expected it, the lobby area is really quirky too!

We had just arrived after a monsoon had hit, hence why our flight was delayed! I suppose being bored and grumpy in the airport was for a good reason then lol! We did our ceremonial walk around the area we were staying in, it is so different to Dubai and what we’re used to travelling truly does start now!

Until next time!



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