Dubai Day 3

Today has been such a long day!

We didn’t book another night in our hotel because our flight to Hanoi is tomorrow morning at 3:30am. So we didn’t want to waste money by booking another night. We had to get up early re-pack our luggage haha! The first time we packed the rucksacks it was all neat and tidy, this time it definitely isn’t. We started our day with a cheeky Starbucks, which is near our hotel. (We probably shouldn’t have). We ordered two Ice Frappuccinos and of course, they say when you go away you shouldn’t drink the water and what did we do order a drink full of ice! LOL. You can imagine what we went through later haha! They were really nice though, so accepted the consequences!


We made our way back to our room to get everything ready, check out was at 11am. My eyes don’t even look like they have woken up yet haha!


We checked out and asked if we could leave our luggage till later, which they let us do. [I don’t know if we have already mentioned the name of our hotel but it is Ibis One Central World Trade Centre] I would 100% recommend! We then looked on the free bus list and they had a bus to a mall called Mercato Mall which is next to the beach. So we thought 2 in 1 here! I don’t know what it is with Mall’s but they are all beautiful here. I had to take pictures!

That’s the view on the free bus and the Mercato Mall. 

We spent a good hour just looking around the mall because obviously, we can’t afford to be buying anything haha! Also, it took us out of the peak sun. It got to about 1pm and we decided to walk over to the beach. Literally across the main road and we were there. It was absolutely scorching hot. Got to the beach expecting it to be packed, there was nobody on the entire beach. Felt like our own private beach haha! We embraced it of course and took lots of pictures.

Usually, sea water is quite cold in fact sometimes it can be freezing. Well not here, it was like stepping into a hot bath! I would honestly have my bath the same temperature as the sea!

We just sat there for a while taking it all in, saying to each other is this actually real! What the hell!! Then the heat started to really kick in, we were sweltering haha! Even after being in the hot bath sea water haha! We headed back to the Mall, where we waited for the free bus to take us back.

Our next plan was to go to the Dubai Mall which is right next to the Burj Khalifa. We had tickets booked to go up the Burj Khalifa.

As we got off the bus we decided to walk to the Metro which is a 5-minute walk from our hotel (another added bonus for our hotel!). We had never been on the Dubai Metro before and we figured the machines and were to wait out fairly quickly. It was all easy to do and quick! We were travelling on the Red Line. We figured we may as well get a daily pass for anywhere along the Red Line. We could then get the Metro to Dubai Mall and back to our hotel after visiting the Burj Khalifa.

I think it was only a few stops to the Dubai Mall from our stop. We got there safe and sound, the Metro was really good, everyone was friendly and smiley.

We arrived in Dubai Mall and it was massive apparently there are over 1200 shops in the one building (mind blown), once again we could only watch in awe at people buying loads of various items because we knew we couldn’t afford them lol! Got to think of those rucksacks and our backs! There is also an aquarium in the mall with all sorts of sharks and various other large fish! We made our way to find the fountain! We even managed to catch a show which was pretty cool, they played music in the background and the water actually looked like it was dancing!

After some entertainment we decided to make our way to the Burj Khalifa, we used the app which has so far come in handy except this time it sent us all the way around the Burj Khalifa to the wrong entrance! Literally typical us, we then had to retrace all of our steps and go back to the Dubai mall where the entrance was! The queues here were crazy long! If you ever go to the Burj Khalifa give yourself plenty of time to get to the top! There is also an airport-style security there which as you could imagine adds to the delays! Once you’re through and you’ve made it to the 124-125th floors you can really just enjoy the magnificent views on display! We went later on so it was dark! The city truly does light up at night and gave us some amazing views!

It was time to head back for the luggage and get some food, fair to say our feet were aching at this point I think we were dreaming of just sitting down haha! We got back to the hotel using the metro, we then proceeded to a Chinese restaurant in our hotel which was a lovely farewell to Dubai meal!

Getting used to noodles for Vietnam lol!

Now as we are writing this blog we are currently in the airport and decided to tell you all about our day whilst waiting for our flight to Hanoi! So exciting right! However, our flight has been delayed by 2 hours so looks like we will be here for a while LOL! Not to worry though by the time your reading this we’re hoping to have made it safely to Hanoi! 🙂

Until next time!

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