Dubai Day 2!

Hello again from sunny Dubai! We had such a wonderful and action-packed day, it has certainly been one to remember fondly! We started the day off searching for a cash machine, this was to pay for a trip we were going on later on in the afternoon. This was nice because we got to see a lot which we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise! We stepped outside and my gosh we were hit from the heat! 44 degrees! We are only ever used to max temp 23 LOL!!

After a very long walk, we found the cash machine, we ended up asking someone and they gave us instructions, which was very kind! We got back to the hotel and we booked our trip Red Sand Dune Safari Trip! How exciting! I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. Whilst at reception I asked how much a taxi is to the beach and he said oh we have a free bus! What a result! This free bus didn’t just go to the beach it goes to, Kite Beach, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates and the Outlet Mall. We looked at the times for the beach and we couldn’t make it in time so we decided to go to the Mall of Emirates! Which was absolutely stunning! Nice AC in there for us two haha!

After a little browse around the mall, we built up an appetite lol. First, we went into the supermarket, yes this mall had an entire supermarket inside of it and it is not even the biggest mall in Dubai! We got ourselves some water and stumbled across a white chocolate galaxy! Oh my was that dreamy! Didn’t even know they made them, but boy I’m hooked now! After the treat, we hit the food court there was, of course, your standard McDonalds and KFC your typical fast food chain! But we are travelling and wanting to experience cultures so tried to have the closest thing for us to do that for as cheap as possible haha.

After the mall, we went on our desert safari, we were in a 4×4 and tackled the totally off-road desert! Even in the 4×4, we were skidding and sliding all over the place luckily the driver knew what he was doing and managed not to crash! We were going up big dune hills and you know the saying what goes up, must come down! It was so much fun but I do get a bit car sick so you could imagine after a while what I was like lol! We stopped half way to get some photos and air! But couldn’t stay out for too long as there’s only so long you can take 44 degrees in the middle of the desert!

After the short break, we headed to the camp for the evening! It was really nice and really welcoming! We were treated to unlimited soft drinks so cans of coke, Fanta and sprite etc. They also did us a BBQ dinner and put on various other snacks! Later we had lots of entertainment! We had Arabic dancers, fire dancers and belly dancers. It turned out to be an incredible definitely one for the memory!

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Dubai Day 2!

    1. We’ve not found it too expensive but we are only going to cheaper places. We don’t pay for breakfast we brought food from home, then we spend about £20 on food and water. If you look about in food courts you can get a taste of Dubai for cheap. As for getting about, we booked a trip which included food and transport. We have been using the metro which takes us everywhere we need to go and for a daily pass it is £4.50. We have been limiting ourselves though as we need to make sure we have enough to fund us on the rest of our trip haha! X


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