The day we have been waiting for

The trip we have had planned for over a year has finally come around! The start of the day began on zilch sleep! We were far too excited and couldn’t stop talking about our trip in bed so we went to sleep late and woke up at half 5 in the morning! We grabbed our last-minute stuff and put them in the bag and we were ready!

My bag (Becky) looks so small and light on this picture, but I can guarantee it is not! It’s just Ryan who is extra tall making me look smaller haha!

After an emotional goodbye to parents, we went into the airport and looked for our check-in desk. We got there and it was quiet at the time, we were thinking RESULT! LOL. Then we got to the desk and we didn’t realise Emirates needed to see proof that we were leaving Vietnam even though we were only flying to Dubai at the time! So, she said you can’t check in until we have proof about that! So, we thought right okay! Let’s book a flight from Vietnam to Thailand. So, we looked up from our own little bubble and the queue must have been about 1 mile long haha! So, we queued for 1 hour!! We finally got our boarding passes!


For some reason, we couldn’t send our rucksacks down the normal baggage security we had to go to a different one! Which again the queue was huge! By this point, we were like okay! 20 minutes and our flight is boarding, what are we gonna do!! They then opened another desk and we ran over to it and luckily got our bags in. We rushed through security and made it to duty-free, where initially we thought when we get to the airport we will have a nice breakfast, instead it consisted of a Mars bar and a bottle of water from WHSmith!

We made it to the gate and on the aeroplane, we got!!

If you take anything from this blog let it be,

  • Be as organised as possible
  • If you don’t have a return flight make sure you show them proof of exit of the country.
  • Maybe get to the airport earlier haha!

We definitely will be doing all 3 of those from now on haha! On a happier note, we did meet a lovely couple at the airport who did similar to us. They were off on their own adventure to Dubai and then to India! Didn’t catch their names but I hope they have a lovely time!!

Until next time X

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