10 Day About Us Challenge Day 10!

Hello everyone! This is our last post on this mini-series of ours, I hope you have all enjoyed it so far and got to know us a bit better!

Just to keep it light hearted we thought we would let you all in on our favourite food, exciting right I hope you don’t get too hungry! So my favourite food (Ryan) has to be pizza because its pizza am I right? Something about that tomato and cheese base with some sort of meaty toppings that is just heavenly for me! 🙂 Becky’s favourite food is chicken! In particular, Nandos who doesn’t love a cheeky Nandos though! I think its fair to say Becky’s food is a little healthier for the human body lol!

So that’s a wrap! Damn, I’m thinking too much about food right now! I’m about to go get myself a pizza LOL! I hope you have learned new bits and bobs about us during this challenge! If anyone else wants to start something similar feel free to do so! 🙂

Until next time!

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