10 Day About Us Challenge Day 9

Hello, today our challenge is to talk about our animals! Well, I and Ryan live at his mum and dad’s house and we have 2 dogs. A girl and a boy, Jessica and Indie! 


Jessica is facing the camera and Indie is the one with his bum to the camera!

They are both Jack Russell’ and they absolutely love one another. They also love the family! They are legitimately part of our family! If we come down in a morning and don’t give them a hug they will be so moody for the rest of the day because we ignored them! They are just like us human beings lol!:).


This is me giving my little girl a kiss before I went out! I can’t go anywhere without her at my feet haha!

This picture makes me laugh, they look like an old couple on the sofa watching coronation street or something haha!


Well, that’s our doggies! We love them to pieces! Do you have any animals? if so what are they and do you have a picture?


Until next time X

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