10 Day About Us Challenge Day 7

Today’s challenge is ‘ What would I find in your blog’ so we are going tell you exactly what you would find on our blog!

What would you find on our blog? Gosh well, I like to think we have a wide range of travel-related topics we have spoken about so far! We also have a couple of posts wrote by Becky on mental health, this is something she feels very strongly about as she has a university degree in psychology! If you haven’t had a read yet you’ll find them under the our story tab on our homepage! I like to think we have been quite motivational at times, as we feel strongly about travelling and would love to inspire others to follow in our footprints! We have tried as much as possible to not have a niche to just write about what we feel passionate about and basically what we enjoy writing! Don’t get stuck in the whole thing of you have to have a niche and write about a certain topic! It’s your blog, write about whatever you want!

If you would like too, please comment below about what us and everyone else who has a nosy at the comments could find on your blog!

Until next time!

7 thoughts on “10 Day About Us Challenge Day 7

  1. Im new to this hole blogging thing but have enjoyed reading yours. What you would find on mine is a mish mash of things i do on days out and about with the wife and dog hence our tag line adventures of 2 adults and 1 small dog

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