10 Day About Us Challenge Day 5

Okay, so again we forgot to post! We really need to start making a schedule of posts, keep ourselves in front! We seem to be slacking! – So in today’s challenge, we are going to tell you about why we called our blog ‘One Life One World’. 

Before we even thought about travelling we had always wanted to create a blog, we wanted to make something for our future selves and our future children. Blogging had always been in the back of our minds. When we were thinking about travelling we kept reading blog posts about backpacking and lots of interesting posts about going travelling. They were so informative and helpful! In some ways reading those blog posts and seeing the pictures gave us that extra little bit of determination to book this once in a lifetime opportunity. Once we booked we knew we had to do a blog! Not just for our future selves but also for other people out there who want to travel. Then came along ‘ One Life One World’. blogging-083016.jpg

After booking our trip we would always say to each other, have we made the right decision? and our answer was always well you only live once. We only have one life and we have to make sure we live it to the fullest of our capability. So that’s where One Life came from. One world just came naturally towards our decision on One Life. It seemed very relevant to our situation as we are trying to travel the world and of course there is only One World. We did think about it for a while and we made our minds up and figured the name is really well suited to what we are doing and we have loved it ever since!

Really hope you enjoyed reading! We would love to know…

What is your blog name and why did you choose that name? 

Until next time X

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