10 Day About Us Challenge Day 3.

Challenge 3 already!! It is going so quick!! 

Our challenge today is to tell you something that has made us proud in the last few days. 

For me (Becky) I am so proud of how much my little boy at school has achieved. I have only been working with him since January and he has managed to do so much. When I first started at the school people doubted his abilities and now he has proven those people wrong. He has done so much more than we could have imagined and I am super proud!

I am also proud of myself, not being big headed haha!! But I have been training in the gym and when I first started I could barely even lift a weight or pull my own weight up. Today I only went a did A FULL PULL UP by myself!! To some people, they may think oh dear haha but to me, I am so proud of it!!

For both of these situations, I think it sends a nice message, with a little bit of perseverance a goal can be achieved! So keep trying and keep them aims high because eventually, you will hit your target. c9d3a92fa9163e441127cda6b5a53207

It’s a very short blog but I hope you did enjoy reading what I am proud of! Let me know if there is anything you are proud of. I would love to hear about it!

Until next time X



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