10 Day About Us Challenge Day 2!

Hello, everyone, we’re back again to let more of you into our lives! 🙂 It’s weird when you think about it you have loads of things to tell in your head, then it comes to typing them out and all of a sudden they just disappear LOL!

Today we’re going to tell you about our favourite destination, that we have been too so far anyway! We have been to many places mainly in Europe and a couple of states across the pond it’s a difficult decision to actually think of one place! Decision time! Turns out when we counted down 3..2..1 we ended up saying Crete at the same time LOL, we just think alike I guess! It was such an amazing couple of weeks there, the island itself has so much history most of which I wasn’t even aware of! I could bore you about the finer details of our trip and why we loved it so much but we have already written a blog post about our adventure there! If you fancy a read click here!

That’s all for today’s 10-day challenge! I hope you enjoyed learning about our favourite destination! Please comment below and tell us your favourite destination we would love to know about it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “10 Day About Us Challenge Day 2!

  1. Hmmmm…I think my favorite destination so far is the Elqui Valley in Chile. We stayed in Los Domos – a resort of geodesic domes. The valley is filled with vineyards and surrounded by mountains.

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