10 day ‘about us’ challenge

We have decided to complete this challenge as we want our readers to get to know us and our blog better. We will write a post every day for 10 days, explaining something different about us! We really hope you enjoy reading them! 🙂 

As most of our readers know we are going travelling on the 14th of August which is so close now by the way ahhh! We thought this little challenge series of blog posts would let you in a little on our lives! Day one is going to be literally a brief about us both, as we go through the challenge you will gradually learn some bits and bobs about us you may not have known before!

For those of us that don’t know we are a boyfriend and girlfriend team running this blog site, we started it to document our travels, give tips and tricks from our previous experiences and hopefully inspire other people to travel as well! 🙂

I (Ryan) am 22 years old as is Becky, we both have university degrees, we’ve been together for what is nearly 8 magnificent years together. This year we will be spending our 8th year together in Australia a place we have both dreamed about living in since we pretty much met one another! We met in high school so yeah, we are high school sweethearts LOL :).

There’s a little bit about ourselves make sure you read tomorrow’s post to learn some more haha. If anyone else would like to start a similar blog series feel free too, let us know and we will 100% check it out as well 🙂

Until next time!



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