3 Ways To Make Your Travels Everlasting!


Although we haven’t been travelling yet we have done some research online and there are so many opportunities to travel for really long periods of time! I will let you know 3 ways in which you could make travelling literally your life, sounds exciting right?! It’s even got me thinking LOL!

  1. The big one! Money! How on earth can you travel consistently surely you would run out of money right? Well, there are these things called working holiday visas, with the most popular places being in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. You can spend one to two years in each of these countries whilst exploring their beautiful landscapes and cultures!
  2.  Why not volunteer? Organisations all over the globe offer accommodation and meals for your help with their worthy causes! There are volunteering ventures all over the globe you can hop around from different projects so then not only are you helping people your also becoming well travelled! 🙂
  3. Become a digital nomad! With the ever-increasing popularity of online freelancing sites such as upwork and fiverr etc. There are so many opportunities to put your skills to work whilst you’re on the road helping you fund your own travels!

Lastly please document your journeys using any sort of blogging platform, not only is this good for you to read in the future but it also something other readers around the world could get interested in! Then you never know, you could make money just documenting your travels! Sounds amazing right? Go and get it guys!

Until next time!

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