What type of traveller are you?

Looking into more travelling blogs I have come to realise there are many different kinds of travellers out there. All looking for something to guide them in their pursuit of happiness. Are you an urban, food, relaxation, family, nature or individualist traveller? 

Urban Traveller- You love everything about the city life! Enjoy roaming the streets, exploring, observing locals and tourists and just taking in the city step by step.

Food Traveller- Do you just love going away to taste the different cuisine. The food plays a big part in your choice of holiday, as much as the destination matters. What you really look forward to is that all-inclusive breakfast and a delicious dinner prepared with local ingredients.

Relaxation Traveller- You love lounging around whether it is at the beach, the pool or in a lovely park. You enjoy unwinding and taking yourself away from your everyday usual hustle. Having a lye in, drinking cocktails, reading a good book anything with no stress involved, is a perfect getaway for you.

Family Traveller- To you, the location of your holiday doesn’t matter as much as having your family with you. Whether it is outdoor fun or family activities inside. You love spending time and making memories with your family, the most important thing about your holiday.

Nature Traveller- Absolutely love indulging into the beautiful views of the sunsets, the lakes and the impressive mountains. This for you is an important decision when you are looking for your perfect destination. Enjoying to spend your days taking in nature and going for walks, exploring the countryside and just relaxing in the great outdoors.

Individualist Traveller- You look for the destinations with the off beaten path to the beach and the trending cities. Rather than looking for the countries number one destination, you would much rather explore a city that is overlooked.

Not going to lie, I don’t think me and Ryan are just 1 of these, I think we come under quite a few. As much as we like a relaxing holiday, we absolutely love embracing the nature around us. Yet we also love roaming the streets and taking in the culture! I think we have all of these traits! 

What type of traveller are you? 

A very different post to our usual, hope you enjoyed!

Until next time X

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