5 Reasons To Learn Another Language

One of mine and Ryan’s June goals: Learn a new language for our trip around the world. We wanted to learn a little bit from each country, to learn how to say the basics like hello, how are you, where are the toilets, thank you, we are lost. As we are loving learning new languages we wanted to write a blog about the advantages of learning another language.
(In case you were wondering which languages we are learning: we are learning Vietnamese, Thai, Balinese).Hello word cloud in different languages of the world, background concept

  1. It gives your brain a boost- I love this one, sometimes when I get home and I am a little bit bored I start to feel a bit like my brain is dead! As soon as I go on Duo Lingo my brain wakes up! Speaking another language a day can really keep the doctor away! Looking into this a bit more it has been shown that there are cognitive benefits to learning a new language.
  2. Establish deeper connections- When we go on holiday for 2 weeks we always make friends with the staff at the hotel and it makes me feel a bit upset that we can’t have a deeper connection because of the language barrier. I remember when I went to Bali I stayed in a traditional Balinese house. The parents in the house were apologising to us, saying “sorry we haven’t spoken much, just we don’t know English” and when they said this too us we instantly felt horrible. As we knew a little bit of Balinese but not much, so we went upstairs and we started to learn more so we could try and connect with them more.
  3. Conquer the fear of “Looking Stupid”- Imagine when you’re in a restaurant and maybe you ordered something, it came and it was the wrong thing. If you are scared to say in English that it isn’t what you ordered because they might not understand what you are saying and you don’t want to look silly. Learning their language could help you in this situation as you might feel more confident to say something.
  4. Opens up a world of job opportunities- Learning a second language can open up a load of career opportunities. The world is changing far too quickly, more companies are doing business in countries all around the world. Companies want individuals who can speak another language as in some cases it may be needed.
  5. Become more interesting and meet interesting people- English is the second most common language in the world. So making an effort to learn another language rather than expecting the world to accommodate us, is incredible. It makes you interesting. People will want to talk to you and you will want to talk to them.


If you were thinking about learning a new language I do hope this post has given you some motivation to do it!

Be fun! Be interesting! Be multilingual! 


Until next time! x

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