7 Ways To Be A More Responsible Traveller!

Tourism and travel bring prosperity to people who otherwise wouldn’t have received it, it is, however, our duty as travellers to ensure we are acting responsibly whilst we are there! Too many times you see pictures of what people leave behind which is basically destroying what we are all going to see! Well, today it stops! I’ll give you 7 ways to act more responsibly whilst travelling so what we see today can be enjoyed in 20 years from now!

  1. Buy from the locals! Try shopping in the small shops and restaurants, not only will you get to try true local delicacies but your also giving money directly to the local economy which will help it grow!
  2. No littering! Leave the places you’ve visited exactly as it was found! This way you won’t be irritating the locals who will be cleaning up your mess but you’re also allowing future generations of travellers to see the natural wonders you have unblemished!
  3. Don’t give money to child beggars! This will obviously be a heartbreaking thing to do, however, if they are successful and bringing some needed cash to the family they are more likely to stay out on the streets! As you can imagine this is a very dangerous and scary place to be for a child!
  4. Dress appropriately! In different parts around the globe, it’s really important what you are wearing, in some cases, it can cause offence! Make sure you do some research about the places you’re visiting and bring appropriate clothing or buy when you are there!
  5. Bring a refillable water bottle! Especially if you’re travelling to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as you can fill it up at public water fountains for free! This will not only save you a tonne of money but it will prevent more litter in the form of plastic bottles appearing on some lovely natural landscapes!
  6. Don’t flush your toilet paper! If you’re travelling through central and South America, Asia or Africa you’ll need to put your toilet paper in the bin. Generally, the sewage systems aren’t strong enough for large amounts of paper to pass through them. Don’t be the one to make a stink LOL!
  7. Research local customs! Doing this will help to prevent you inadvertently causing offence to the locals! Something that might be completely normal here may cause offence in another country/ culture just make sure you check before you go!

So that’s just a few small things to help you become a more responsible traveller, they can be hugely effective though and can not only improve your stay but also the locals who land you are there to see!

Until next time!



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