Breaking out of your comfort zone

As our readers know me and Ryan are going travelling soon and we know that there will be times whilst travelling when we are pushed out of our comfort zone. So recently, we have been trying to do things that will push us out of our comfort zone so we can get used to the feeling. 

What is your comfort zone? Basically, it is where you stay doing the same thing because its what you are used to and what you are comfortable with. E.g. For me (Becky) every morning when I get ready for work I do the same routine and do my hair the exact same way because I am used it and comfortable with it. I’m sure we all have something we do! But if we don’t expand and try new things we aren’t stretching ourselves to our full potential.

Advantages of breaking out- Breaking out of your comfort zone can encourage you to produce some amazing results and be proud and impressed with what you achieved. I’m 100% sure everybody has got a memory of that one time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and did achieve something awesome! At college, I studied childcare but for University I wanted to study Psychology. I went to an open day at a university and spoke to a lecturer and they told me with my qualification in childcare there would be no point me pursuing Psychology as they are nothing to do with each other.  This really set me back for a few weeks but then another open day came up at a different university, it took my strength to attend but I did. I attended it and figured I need to apply for this I want to know whether I will get accepted or not. I then applied for 4 universities and on each of them, I got an unconditional offer! I tried to step out of my comfort zone and someone pushed me back in and then I gained the confidence to try and step out again and it worked!

You will be more productive, you will take risks in a controlled fashion like a skydive. You’ll learn how to act and be outside of your comfort zone in a controlled manner, which will help you cope when life changes force you out of it. Slide1_1

How to step out? Breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to start with something so dramatic and powerful. Start with what might seem the small things like try a new food or change your daily routine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting this procedure slow and steady as they say “the turtle always wins the race”. –

Another way you could break out is by learning new things, whether it is learning how to cook, learning a new language or learning how to ride a bike. Learning a new skill will open another doorway into another path.

You need to be able to trust yourself and go for it. Make a snap decision! Follow your heart and have belief in your own judgement! Trust you own ability if you have a positive outlook on the situation before you adhere to it, more than likely it will end in a positive way!

Don’t be put off if things don’t work out the way you had planned or if the experience you did wasn’t as great as you anticipated. The fact of the matter is, you have pushed yourself to do this and look you DID it. Pushing pasts the mental blocks that tell you, oh you shouldn’t be doing that and you have proven to yourself that you are open to new things!

You cannot live your whole life seeing the world from the comfort of your own front door! You just can’t!

All of these points above me and Ryan are using to help us when it comes to our world trip! So far so good! I hope this may help some people out there who are struggling to step out! 🙂

Until next time X


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