9 Reasons To Go Travelling Young!

Everybody in their lifetime has at least thought about travelling! A lot of people think its something they will do when they’re retired, I’m here to say your better to do it young and I’ll give you 9 reasons why to go with it! 🙂

  1. You can hack the backpacker diet! Endless amounts of toast, cereal bars, packet noodles and a load of fast food, doesn’t seem the best diet! But at least whilst your younger a little thing called fast-metabolism is on our side!
  2. You can handle the hangovers! Well a little better anyway LOL! You’re much likely to bounce back from a hostel drinking sesh the younger you are! 🙂
  3. It looks amazing on your CV, being able to display independence, the ability to navigate the world and always stepping out of your comfort zone you look far more hireable!
  4. Potential free accommodation! With you hopefully making some life-long friends from different corners of the globe the potential free accommodation is increasingly likely LOL!
  5. It gives you longer to tick the whole world off of your list, it’s our world right?! We should want to explore it all maybe that’s just me but there’s an entire world out there to discover!
  6. It’s much easier to do when you don’t have as many responsibilities, it’s prime time to travel when you’re young! You usually don’t have much tying you down so I would say 100% travel if your in that situation like me and Becky!
  7. Budgeting! If you haven’t learned how to budget before travelling through university etc, you certainly will be forced to travelling! You will have to save your money for all the fun stuff LOL!
  8. It will humble you! Imagine seeing the way other people live their lives and how little they need to be happy! This can’t do anything but humble even the most humble of people!
  9. Confidence for future situations! Imagine constantly approaching different people in different hostels just making friends! This is bound to increase your confidence in future situations such as job interviews etc. 🙂

Well, I hope I have convinced some of you young guns to want to travel! And if you don’t consider yourself young please don’t be put off there’s never a better time to travel than the present! 🙂

Until next time!

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