The Idea of Travelling


Such a daunting prospect for so many people, I feel like the easy option these days is to save up for a deposit on a house and sign your life away to a mortgage for 25 years! I do ask myself why do that when the same amount of money you save between 10-15 thousand pounds can send you travelling for a year! This is living a sort of luxury travel life as well! I feel like the majority of the time people are put off by just the sheer prospect of the unknown! Why do we as humans hate being pushed out of our comfort zones so much? I hate being pushed out of my comfort zone and I’m going travelling! But the sheer fact that travelling is going to push me every day to do things I’m not used to genuinely excites me!

Well anyway now I’ve had a little rant about human beings so weird LOL it’s time to talk about the idea of travelling! What is your idea of travelling? My idea is the fact that you are literally free to enjoy the world at your own pace and soaking up all the different cultures! You constantly get pushed out of your comfort zone and you get to enjoy so many different activities you wouldn’t usually try! Plus we are hopefully going to meet some amazing people when we are out there and we should get a nice tan too which we cant complain about LOL!

I can’t lie though recently I have been getting a little down which I suppose is quite natural when your just waiting around to go on a trip of a lifetime! Yeah, I am so excited but at times its just hard you know! Working in a job that doesn’t really motivate you not really doing as much as you used to do because your saving money! I would love to treat Becky every week because she’s amazing and deserves it! But I just can’t, luckily enough though I am the luckiest man alive and my girlfriend supports me so much! Whenever I’m feeling down she will just pick me straight back up haha!

Anyways just letting you into some of my thoughts lol, I suppose one of the messages I am trying to get across is it doesn’t matter how good someone’s life looks like its going it doesn’t always mean they’re happy 100% of the time!

Lastly, what is your idea of travelling? When I say travelling what do you think? 🙂

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “The Idea of Travelling

  1. When I think of traveling I think of sunny places with different cultures of my own and relaxation!
    You have such a great point about humans not liking to be pushed out of their comfort zones because honestly, just thinking about using money on travels instead of buying a home gives me anxiety! Questions like “where would I live?, would I have to rent when I get back? I could get sick!” run through my head.


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