Surviving a long-haul flight!


We have been on a few long-haul and we’re still here to tell the tale LOL! We thought we would give out our advice on how we survived these flights as people seem to struggle!

  1. Get your comfiest underwear on! Everyone has that comfy pair of underwear and socks! This is their time to shine! 🙂
  2.  Do your utmost to nab the window seat! If you can get the window seat, it means you no longer have to worry about peeing Pete every 30 minutes or so, plus it gives you a nice headrest! (unless you are the peeing Pete LOL)
  3. Make sure you wiggle! We have done some research online and apparently wiggling yourself on take off and landing replicates the aircraft movements, which can ease nerves! A little tip for those of us scared of flying!
  4. Neck pillow! Make sure to invest in a neck pillow, you will thank me later your neck will be under less stress and you will look so fashionable haha!
  5. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you get to the airport, or if you have the funds invest in a portable charger! This way you can download whatever and whichever games on your phone you want without having to worry about the dreaded battery life!
  6. Stretch! Every now and then its okay to get up and stretch your legs in the aisle. Not only will this take that aching pain away from your legs but it will also boost your circulation! Try it, I’m sure you’ll thank us later!
  7. Bring a toothbrush! Sometimes airlines supply toothbrushes for you! If they don’t however, make sure you bring one! One, your teeth won’t feel very nice and two the person sitting next to you will thank you for it!
  8. Take your shoes off! This is a must on a long-haul flight, it lets them breathe! But make sure you don’t take your socks off too otherwise its cheesy feet time!
  9. If your flying economy do not recline your seat! Think of others around you there’s not a lot of leg room as it is and when someone reclines their seat there is even less!

I hope you liked these little pointers and they help you in some way!

Until next time!

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