I feel like we haven’t written a blog about our recent travels in a while, but then again that’s because we’ve nearly run out of places to write about that we have actually been LOL! Just got to keep reminding ourselves that were only 7 weeks away from our biggest adventure yet!

Tunisia was our first and still our only time visiting Africa, meaning we really didn’t know what to expect when we arrived there! Upon arrival, we had to fill out a little form before we could venture off to our hotel! This was the first time I had to do this too as before then I had mainly just been to Europe! We left the airport by coach and this is one of my favourite parts of the holiday, the journey to your hotel! Tunisia certainly didn’t disappoint showing off some very picturesque scenery!

When we arrived at the hotel we didn’t realise how close we were to the beach! It was so long and had white sand it was perfect! The first couple of days we were there we mainly just chilled out around the hotel, they had hammocks hung off palm trees so Becky and I spent most of our time catching a tan and cuddling up on those!

We went out on two trips, firstly we went on quad bikes! We went off-roading in the Tunisian wasteland basically. It was just a long dirt path and it was sooooo much fun! Becky and I took turns and basically shared one quad as even back then we have been sensible with money LOL! We had so much fun! Secondly, we went on a camel ride! The camels were actually owned by a Tunisian family, they gave us white clothes which they turned into bandanas for us to stop the heat from getting to us too much! It was pretty cool to tell you the truth the ride itself, but as anyone who has ridden a camel will tell you it was very bumpy haha. Halfway round they let us get off the camels and invited us into a complex just off the main track! Turns out it was their home! They made us traditional Tunisian bread. They made it by sticking the dough to the walls of a sort of like fire pit! It looked like a flatbread but tasted heavenly! It was really nice to experience there culture like that!

Tandoor oven!

Tunisia was a truly amazing place, it still remains the only place we have been in Africa which isn’t on! We really need to see more of all the nations in that continent! Is there anywhere you have been in Africa that you could recommend? I really want to see Victoria Falls and visit `South Africa!

Until next time!

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