5 tips and tricks to saving money for your travels!

We thought we would let you in on a few tips and tricks we use in order to currently save up for our trip! They seem to work for us, but obviously, everybody is different I hope something on here helps you save some money!

  1. The simple old trick of having money jars! We have used these before and managed to save over £100 so we decided to use these again! Basically, the way we work it is any 50ps £1s £2s or any money we have in notes in our wallet/ purse spare we put into these jars! They’re getting quite heavy now, we are quite excited to open them LOL!


2. We are really strict with the amount of money we are saving up each month, we ensure that no matter what really we have our specified amount to put away into our travelling bank account every month! Sacrifices have been made in the past but it is all going to be worth it when we have that extra money travelling the world!

3. We also have a separate jar that we use to save up all the shrapnel in our wallet/ purse! By this, I mean any small amount of pennies starting from 1 penny ending at 20p. The jar in the picture probably doesn’t look very full, haha but have actually just emptied this and got a nice surprise when we did!


4. Try not to spend on random things that will have no impact on your life in the future, you don’t need that Xbox game, you don’t need those new trainers! If you tell yourself enough it will become second nature to be stingy with your money just like us! LOL! I’m not saying don’t treat yourself ever, but I am saying don’t treat yourself as often! Think of the extra money you can save, if you want to travel this turns into a no-brainer!

5. The last point is something me and Becky have found very useful! When we get paid we transfer money into our bank accounts we made for uni which are empty until we transfer money into them! So we transfer some money into those accounts and give our main bank cards to our parents or someone we trust to not give them back to us LOL! This has helped us so much because when we have such little amount of funds in those bank cards we are restricted in what we can buy anyway! I’m not saying live off of £1 a day or anything like but make sure you’re making money in that main bank account every month and soon you’ll have enough to travel in no time! 🙂

Until next time! 🙂




10 thoughts on “5 tips and tricks to saving money for your travels!

  1. great tips 🙂 me and my other half are currently trying to save for a big trip in October and sometimes it can be sooo hard!


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