Just a little message…

Thank you!

So recently I posted a tweet on our twitter and we were overwhelmed by the response we got. Basically, we tweeted that we would like to get to know more bloggers and interact with more people. We did not even expect one person to reply to that tweet!

I wanted to post this for all the new bloggers out there, it starts out slow and eventually you start to engage with bloggers and really love keeping up to date with their latest posts. When we started out our blog, it was originally meant to be a kind of diary for our future selves and also somewhere family and friends could look when we are away to keep up to date. When we posted our first few blogs and people were liking them and commenting on them, we were so overwhelmed! So far on our blog, we haven’t come across any fellow blogger being negative towards our blog, everybody has also been dead nice and welcoming. It’s just such a lovely community to be apart of and we are so glad we are part of this community!


Our big adventure is only 1 month and 28 days away. We are so excited and really looking forward to it! But we are slightly apprehensive, only because I (Becky) don’t like the unknown haha! Majority of our trip will be winged and plans will be made like 10 minutes beforehand! I think its great for me to step out of my comfort zone and do this!

Anyway, we cannot wait to share our adventure with you all! Countdown to the 14/08/2018!!

Until next time X



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