We did it! We made it to 200 WordPress followers! We made a post when we hit 100 and we’re making another at 200! This blog post isn’t really about us though, it is about every one of you guys that have helped us on our journey. Whether it just be a little bit of help or massive help will know who you are and we are so grateful for it! We have interacted with so many of you since we started blogging, it is just an experience we won’t ever forget! It’s now 63 days until we set off to Dubai and start our around the world trip! We’re so excited!! Until we get there we will just continue to write and write! Over the weekend we also achieved our 1000th like! This kind of came out of nowhere really, it’s not something you really keep a track of! It really is surreal though, like 1000 likes on our blog?! Really?! We can’t thank you all enough!


Time to bore you with some stats now LOL, not too sure if anybody wants to read this? Maybe people like to compare it to their own blog and see how they’re performing? Anyways we have had 2183 views, 1056 visitors, 1003 likes and 287 comments at this very moment! We appreciate every single one of them too! 🙂 I will link our most popular blog down below in case anyone fancies some extra reading?!

Until next time!

Indonesia, Bali 2016


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