June Goals 2018

So recently I have been seeing lots of people writing their personal goals for June. (I know we are already in June but we hope to still accomplish these). I think this is such a good idea, I love it! I have always thought when you make a list or write something down your more than likely going to remember and if you see it every day you’re going to work even harder to make sure you achieve this goal. So here goes!


1. Start writing at least 3 posts a week. 

We have never had a schedule to when we upload our blog posts. It would be great if we could make sure we upload at least 3 posts a week. I mean there is 2 of us writing these posts so we should be able to manage!

2. Reduce the time we spend watching TV.
When we get home from work I personally think TV is our weakness. We get in and sit on the couch and then some basic TV show will come on and we will be hooked. We need to reduce this time and hopefully, if we reduce this it will help us with our first goal!

3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
As we are going travelling in just over 2 months we want to make sure we are fit and healthy ready to go! We don’t want to be climbing Mt Batur in Bali and have to stop because we are unfit!

4. Learn a new language.
Again, going travelling it would be really great for us to learn a new language. We are heading to Dubai first and then Vietnam, we are hoping to learn part of these languages this month.

5. Read up on the history of the countries we are visiting.
It would be great to learn about the countries we are visiting and whilst we are learning it could benefit us when we are there. We could pick up some things just from researching.

Well, they are our June goals, hopefully, we can manage to stick to them! Comment below and tell us your goals for June! We hope you enjoyed the read.

Until next time X


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