Repost, we posted this when we first started blogging and we thought we would update it and repost it! Hope you enjoy the read! 

In 2014 we went on our very first holiday, to Portugal. We would have been together for 4 years and we just turned 18. We wanted to go away for the first time together, we didn’t want any parents or siblings with us. Just us two. To spend time together. I remember mine and his parents saying the same things “be careful, be safe, don’t do this, don’t do that”. Obviously back when we were 18 we found this annoying and we were like “obviously we’re gonna stay together and not run off from one another” but there were just worried about us like every normal parent would be.

We paid for it through our own money, we were both working part-time and saving every penny we could to afford this holiday. We wanted it to be a holiday we wouldn’t forget.

We get to Manchester airport and our parents drop us off, we are then on our own. No parent to manage the documents and passports just us two on our own dealing with everything. When we first booked the holiday we thought oh this is a breeze, we’ve got this! Then when we actually get there we realise “woah, this is not what I expected” we had to make sure we went to the right check-in counter, we also had to make sure we had our luggage within the right weighing scale. We must have had about 3 mini disagreements in the airport because we have done it differently with our parents so that is what we were used to.  Everything just seemed different because we were on our own.

Once we got on the plane we were set, we were happy! We made it. Just a 4-hour flight now to Portugal. THEN we got to Portugal airport and it started again except it was worse they didn’t speak English and we had to find our way around. It was very difficult. Trying to find our hotel transport was hard but we managed in the end.

Our hotel was a dream! But isn’t everyone’s when you go away in the sun! The hotel itself was called golden club cabanas in the small Portuguese town of Tavira, which was an ideal location for us to just get away from everything at home and be with each other! We went all inclusive and I reckon we got our monies worth in just cocktails alone! We stayed in an apartment block just away from the main pool which meant for relaxing quiet evenings, the room offered some stunning sea views so we couldn’t really ask for much more!


Being the first holiday without any supervision, of course, we burnt ourselves on the first day! We learned the hard way LOL but not to worry you learn from these experiences. The local beach was a boat ride away! Yes, a boat ride! Not a very long one however in fact if you look at the picture above all we had to do was catch a boat to travel across the sea from side to the other! When you got to that beach though! Boy oh boy was that sand soft! Honestly, I am yet to have gone or heard of a beach like this hidden gem!












Tavira town itself was a quiet place as most people enjoyed the food and drinks offered by the hotel for free, but even back then we were keen adventurer’s and so of course we went and explored the town! We found a little pizzeria on a cobbled road just off the seafront, we visited this place two or three times. There was also a lovely little cafe on the outskirts of the town in Tavira, they sold warm and cold snacks but our favourite thing on the menu was definitely the KEBABS! The national beer in Portugal is super bock! I drank a few too many of these haha!


Lastly, we visited the local shopping mall in Faro it was a lovely air conditioned building and we spent pretty much half a day here! The hotel arranged taxis for us making this whole process much simpler! We also went on a trip to the waterpark! (OF COURSE) The waterpark was amazing, it had a wave pool loads of slides it basically was just an amazing day!!

It can be hard to remember some things from 3 and half years ago, we have tried to remember most things that impacted our stay! It was a lovely stay for us and the golden club cabanas is definitely on our list to return to in the future!

Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Portugal!

  1. I’m from Portugal so it’s nice to read posts like this! Have you been anywhere else in Portugal or just Tavira? Do you plan coming back? (Sorry I’m newbie in your blog). xx

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