A-Z of travelling

We wanted to give ourselves a fun challenge, so we came up with this! An A-Z on everything travelling! Hopefully, there will be some helpful and practical points but maybe not! Let’s find out haha!!


red-letter-a-512 Airports- This seemed the most obvious! In most cases to get from one place to another, it usually involves a visit to an airport! I and Ryan think, visiting the airports we will learn to sleep in all kinds of positions and with bright lights on haha!

yellow-letter-b-256Backpack – Our backpack will be our prized possession, make sure we keep it safe! Although not quite sure how we’d lose such a big backpack haha!

letter-C-256Cafe- This is all that popped into our minds! Nothing better than finding a cute little cafe in a small village or town. Eating homemade food! Hopefully, we find plenty of these on our travels.

letter-D-256Downtime- Amongst what will be a busy schedule ensuring we are seeing everything we can possibly see, we need to remember to have a bit of downtime and remember how lucky we are.

purple-letter-e-512Earplugs- I already know we will definitely need a set of these! 1 because of Ryan’s snoring and 2 the planes may be noisy!

pink-timesroman-alphabet-fFlip-flops- We think flip-flops are the right thing to mention as we will practically be living in these for the next year!

orange-letter-g-512Guides- These will more than likely be our Bible when we are travelling. Help us find our way around everywhere.

yellow-letter-h-256Hostels- These will be a godsend when we go away, and we will more than likely have the best time of our lives. Meeting new people and all for a cheap price! Cant complain!

red-timesroman-alphabet-iiPod- Can’t go anywhere without our iPod. On an overnight train, want to block out the noise stick the iPod on and enjoy some lovely music! I find listening to music quite soothing and it gives your brain a rest!

green-capital-letter-jJabs- This was the first thing that came to mind. As we can’t forget when we had our jabs haha! We had to have quite a few jabs because we are going to so many different places!

aqua-letter-k-512Kayak- We are really looking forward to hopefully do some kayaking when we are away!

letter-L-256Locals- Hopefully when we are away we will get to know the local community and interact with them. Learn about their culture.

pink-letter-m-512Markets-  Can’t wait to see all the markets and the variety of things they will have on offer!

letter-N-256Neverending- Why does travelling have to end! (Although it is only just beginning for us but still) haha!

yellow-letter-o-256Onelife Oneworld- Of course, we had to put it in here haha! Makes sense right! Reminding us that whilst we are away, we need to live every day like it is our last because we only have onelife and oneworld.

orange-letter-p-512Photographs- This is 100% what we are going to do, our cameras will be out 24\7. It will help us capture every moment!

mzbjhqj1n5pds8746967hn48k2xppg.jpg Questions- We will definitely be asking lots of questions when we go travelling! if you don’t ask you will never know!

blue-letter-r-512Rafting- We have seen videos and images of people rafting down rivers and we would really enjoy doing this!

purple-letter-s-512Squat toilets- When I went to Bali quite a few times I went to the toilet and it was a squat toilet, now at first I was like ‘woah what do I do here?” then I realised I need to squat! So I guess we need to strengthen up our thighs ready to do some squats.

pink-timesroman-alphabet-tTime- When we are away, although it is undeniable we don’t want to live our lives constantly thinking about time. Like at the min we get up for a certain time, have a certain amount of time to get ready and then give ourselves a certain amount of time to get to work. So whilst we are away we are going to try and live a little bit looser.

red-timesroman-alphabet-uUncontrollable- Whilst we are on our travels, we need to remember that some things that might go wrong or not like we thought are often than not uncontrollable. Basically, we don’t want to stress about the things that are out of our control.

gold-letter-v-512Venture- We thought this was suitable as we are literally venturing into the unknown, EXCITING!

orange-letter-w-512Whinging- We will be having none of this whilst we are away, we need to remember how lucky we are!

pink-letter-x-256X-mas- This year is our first x-mas away from family, we will be in Sydney though so we can’t complain!

purple-alphabet-letter-yYes- We are going to try and say this about everything travelling throws at us!

Rainbow line z logo design setThis one is self-explanatory if you get my jist! Zzzzzz, we will need plenty of it!

If you can think of any other travel associated words for any of the alphabet be sure to comment and let us know! Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time! X






11 thoughts on “A-Z of travelling

  1. What a great idea! Is there a story behind how you came up with this?
    I especially love L for Locals and Y for Yes.
    So, Yes, I checked out your blog and Yes, I like it. Cool post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so welcome. 🙂
        Btw, I just saw that you are following my blog. Awesome! Thank you for being part of the journey and this wonderful Worldpalblog-Community 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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