Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

So we headed out to Hebden bridge today, Ryan had a day off and I have the week off so we thought we would go somewhere cute, quiet and chilled out! Seems we picked just the spot! It is only a really small town/ village on the outskirts of Yorkshire in the UK, the streets were filled with quirky shops, cafe’s, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs (What more could you want!). On the way there we had to drive over the moorland it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere! Lucky I trusted Ryan’s driving and the sat nav LOL!

When we arrived there it was the whole rigamarole of finding a car park! I hate this bit, but we were pretty lucky and got the last space in the first car park we saw! As soon as we parked up we were treated to some picturesque scenery as the car park was literally facing Rochdale canal, which was glistening in the sunshine and had a few barges floating on it!

We made it! Here, at last, the lovely Hebden bridge! We were embarking on yet another lovely little adventure! We walked through some lovely looking side streets on our way to the centre, there’s just something about the way the houses and streets look all over Yorkshire that I just love!

As we said before it’s not massive you don’t go here to see endless amounts of shops and stuff like that! You come here to get away and enjoy! So we walked through the centre past Hebden bridge itself, as you can guess the town was named after the bridge! We will get into this in more detail later haha! We then do what we always do and spiral off on our own little adventure! Trust us to come across the steps from hell out of nowhere as well!

We came across them and thought ooo steps they must lead to somewhere exciting! We were so wrong LOL! These steps just lead us to a random road you can imagine the disappointment!

Instead of boring you with writing about history here is a plaque telling the actual history of Hebden bridge which the town was named after!


We took a few more pictures of the bridge and on the bridge to share with you guys!

After all this walking we thought it was time for some FOOD! But we had no clue where to go! We thought because we are in a little village we should go somewhere home ran and not a big franchise! We ended up in Rende Buous Bistro a cute little restaurant! Ryan had a cheese and ham toastie with chips and salad, which he said was delicious! I had a jacket potato with cheese and beans and salad, which was very nice!


The view from this restaurant was incredible! It was such lovely weather!


Until next time! x



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