The Bank Holiday Weekend!

So for those people who live in the UK you all know what a bank holiday is and how excited everyone gets for it! For those who don’t it basically just a long a weekend so most people get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off exciting right! May is probably the best month of the year too cos we get two bank holiday weekends! 🙂

We spent our time with family mostly, seeing literally every person in Becky’s family which was really quite lovely! We went on a walk around a local lake too, we didn’t take into account however how windy it was lol we nearly got blown away! We love going round to Becky’s grandmas too she is always helping us with our travelling, buying us bits and bobs making sure we’re okay it’s really sweet!

The next day, which is today as I’m writing it, we tried our hand at helping my mum and dad with some gardening! We regretted it to be honest being in the peak sun frazzling, fair to say Becky ended up with some red shoulders anyway! We definitely worked up and appetite, it called for only one thing! BBQ!!!

Something about when the family comes together and we all eat food in the sunshine that I just love!

So what did you guys do over the bank holiday weekend? We would love to hear about! 🙂

Until next time! 🙂

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