Take a leap

This morning we decided since the weather is nice (for once) we would go for a lovely little walk with the doggies. Sometimes when you are out and about you take for granted what you see. We were discussing this morning how when we go travelling, it’s going to open up our minds and we will be able to see life from a different perspective.

These images are literally taken at our doorstep. We somehow get wrapped up in everything else we have got going on, we forget about how beautiful the world is.

For some reason whenever it is sunny, people seem to be in happier moods. We walked past a few dog walkers and every single one of them said: “Hello, its lovely today isn’t it”. Little things like that can make somebody’s day.

Being bias now but how cute are the doggies! (The fluffy one is called Jess and the fine haired one is called Indie!). There are Ryan and me, taking in the natural beauty of our world.

This blog is called take a leap because sometimes in life, you might be facing a decision. Which we all know making decisions can be difficult, knowing whether its the right or wrong thing to do. In most cases,  you have to take the leap to find out. You might see a job that you fancy but you don’t apply because you think its unachievable, just take the leap! You can only ever really know if you try!

A little bit of inspirational speech for a Sunday afternoon! But we hope you enjoy the blog! 

Until next time X

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